set head off pages 0 lines 120 
select  p.spid,s.sid, s.serial#, substr(s.username,1,10)||','||process, 
s.program,s.module,s.status, osuser ,  
buffer_gets, disk_reads, executions,users_executing, first_load_time,'**',s.wait_class 
,a.rows_processed,  a.sql_id,  sql_text -- sql_fulltext 
from v$process p, v$session s,  v$sqlarea a
where a.address=s.sql_address
and p.addr=s.paddr
and users_executing > 0
and s.status='ACTIVE' 
vMaxSeqApply=`sqlplus -s "/ as sysdba" <<EOF
set head off
set PAGES 0
set FEED off
select substr(max(sequence#),0) from v\\$archived_log where applied='YES' and DEST_ID=2 group by THREAD#;
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